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Avoid Lawsuits – Use Royalitiy Free Graphics Only!

April 29, 2013 By: admin Category: Articles, Recommended

As you might know, using Pictures and cool graphics on your Blogs and Websites is an essential method to make them more entertaining and interesting.

Images also help Facebook Page posts go viral because they capture the attention of visitors when viewed in the newsfeed.

For that reason, I highly recommend using images with your content every time possible. However, you have to be careful about using copyrighted images because you might risk to become a victim of a lawsuit by the copyright owners.

So, please avoid to even get traced and eventually punished for some $1000 to settle the matter by making sure you are the sole owner of the Picture(s) or have the licence to use them for your content.

Always be careful what images you use – even if you get them from a graphics design service. In such cases always ask for the legal proof.

If you want a package of high quality images you can use and that are guaranteed to be Royalty Free, I highly recommend this package from my good friend Brad.

He has a staff of Cartoonists who create these images for him. Therefore you know there will be no issues with using such graphics.

Take action and grab these cool graphics right now!

I hope this is of great interest to you and saves you from any legal issues with Pictures and graphics.

You can also promote this graphic pack as an affiliate with 50% commission by using  this Special link…

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Quick Action – 2000 Credits from Global Business Mailer to Join RedDogSurfer!

April 12, 2013 By: admin Category: Articles, Recommended, Viral Sales Systems

If you are serious about advertising your business online…

Surfing some Epic Waves (generating traffic)…

Building up a Residual Traffic Network…

AND you want to succeed with your online marketing…

…Then grab your free RedDogSurfer membership still today!


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Get ready to smile BIG because you are going to be stoked, while you Drop In on your competition and generate quality traffic at the same time.

RedDogSurfer is like a Perfect Set of Waves that attracts the very best Surfers. These Epic Surfers are highly motivated individuals who are not only interested in promoting their own business but are also serious about seeing what other members have to offer as well.


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Packed with features and amazing tools, RedDogSurfer is a fantastic advertising network built by surfers for surfers.

Just look at these 6 powerful advertising methods that createsa Perfect Set of Waves for your Advertising Success.


1. Page Views (you need visitors before you receive sales)

2. Text links (this tool can convert browsers into buyers quickly)

3. Banners (we’ve all seen them before and they still work today)

4. Email Marketing (once you refer members you can email them)

5. IMLoop (for Chat and Socializing)

6. Surf Chat (for networking with other members while surfing)


And this is just getting started…

I urge you to take action today… Join RedDogSurfer for free and see for yourself the dramatic increases in traffic and results they can bring you and your business!


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And here is my Quick Response Bonus:

If you join RedDogSurfer through my link below, I offer you 2000 Extra Credits at Global Business Mailer to promote your offers quickly.


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and send me a support ticket from inside of GMB to claim your 2000 credits. Just mention your RedDogSurfer ID and nickname.

Good luck and as a JV Partner of RDS, I really would be glad to welcome you aboard.

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