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3 steps to making 2018 the best year yet…

December 30, 2017 By: admin Category: Daily Shortcut, Recommended, Viral Sales Systems

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Well, we’ve come to the end of 2017.

Went quick, didn’t it?

I hope that you’ve had a great year.

One thing that I love to do in December, is reflect on the past year.

I’ll sit in my office, close the door and journal about my wins, opportunities and how to make next year even better.

I like to call it “reflect, review and revamp.”

By looking at previous shortfalls and improving them, I can improve my productivity.

First up is Reflect.

Here you write the facts of the year.

What actions did you take in your business?
How much time did you dedicate to it?
This could’ve been anything that moved your business
forward: writing blog posts, learning the material or
creating ads. Anything.

Next up is Review.

Here is where you reflect on your results.

What worked well?
What didn’t go to plan?
Did you accomplish your goals?
Why not?

And lastly, Revamp.

Does something stand out about your results?

Did you identify any patterns about the year?

What productive habits can you put in place based on your behavior from 2017?

Now that you’re armed with the wins and opportunities of 2017, what are you going to do different? (Remember that your coach can help out here!)

It’s amazing what impact this simple 20 minute exercise can have your next year.

Take the challenge!

Reflect, review, revamp and see what nuggets of gold you discover about your habits, behaviors and actions.


After you’re done with your review of 2017, you can start planning on getting 2018 off to a roaring start (still need to sign up? Do it HERE!).

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Twitter Marketing Crash Course…

May 28, 2013 By: admin Category: Articles, Free Downloads, Recommended, Viral Sales Systems

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If you are serious in Internet Marketing, you need to make the best use of Twitter! I have put together a 5-day Twitter Crash Course and you can sign up for free here…

And you even can get the full Private Label Rights to my site, all files, graphics and the autoresponder eCourse are included.

Get the PLR Package right now!

Please take the chance and get informed and avoid all the common Twitter mistakes!

Follow me on Twitter here…

You can modify almost everything on your Twitter eCourse PLR Pack if you want and it includes the PSD graphics too!

Thanks for checking out my eCourse.


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Quick Action – 2000 Credits from Global Business Mailer to Join RedDogSurfer!

April 12, 2013 By: admin Category: Articles, Recommended, Viral Sales Systems

If you are serious about advertising your business online…

Surfing some Epic Waves (generating traffic)…

Building up a Residual Traffic Network…

AND you want to succeed with your online marketing…

…Then grab your free RedDogSurfer membership still today!


=> Click Here to Join!


Get ready to smile BIG because you are going to be stoked, while you Drop In on your competition and generate quality traffic at the same time.

RedDogSurfer is like a Perfect Set of Waves that attracts the very best Surfers. These Epic Surfers are highly motivated individuals who are not only interested in promoting their own business but are also serious about seeing what other members have to offer as well.


=> Click Here to Join!


Packed with features and amazing tools, RedDogSurfer is a fantastic advertising network built by surfers for surfers.

Just look at these 6 powerful advertising methods that createsa Perfect Set of Waves for your Advertising Success.


1. Page Views (you need visitors before you receive sales)

2. Text links (this tool can convert browsers into buyers quickly)

3. Banners (we’ve all seen them before and they still work today)

4. Email Marketing (once you refer members you can email them)

5. IMLoop (for Chat and Socializing)

6. Surf Chat (for networking with other members while surfing)


And this is just getting started…

I urge you to take action today… Join RedDogSurfer for free and see for yourself the dramatic increases in traffic and results they can bring you and your business!


=> Click Here to Join!


And here is my Quick Response Bonus:

If you join RedDogSurfer through my link below, I offer you 2000 Extra Credits at Global Business Mailer to promote your offers quickly.


Join RedDogSurfer here…

Then join Global Business Mailer here…

and send me a support ticket from inside of GMB to claim your 2000 credits. Just mention your RedDogSurfer ID and nickname.

Good luck and as a JV Partner of RDS, I really would be glad to welcome you aboard.

Combine your Traffic Efforts and use Red Dog Surfer in combination with Global Business Mailer here…

join RedDogSurfer

join GlobalBusinessMailer




Viral Funnels Are The Best Income Providers!

November 10, 2012 By: admin Category: Articles, Recommended, Software & Plugins, Viral Sales Systems

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Make Real Money from your (PLR) Products with a Solid Sales Funnel

This is absolutely worth looking at and I have taken the chance to become a member of this brand new and amazingly well performing Viral Funnel Program.

We are all here to build a successful internet business and most of us try our very best… But… 97% FAIL!

Everybody thinks they know the reason why and they swear it will not happen to them. But still 97% of people fail and here is why.

It simply is because your business must do several things well, simultaneously:

1. You have to attract new prospects on auto pilot 24/7

2. You have to create powerful lead magnets and ethical bribes for Prospects

3. You have to build multiple lists and properly segment your subscribers

4. You have to follow-up accordingly with your lists to monetize them

5. All these points must happen simultaneously and not sequentially

You must be able to quickly duplicate this process again and again. Most marketers cannot even do it once because they are too busy doing one thing without the other.

The synergistic simultaneous execution of these magic ‘things’ is called a Viral Sales Funnel and you are about to harness its power.

The Buzzinar system is the most solid technique I have ever seen taught publicly for the purpose of growing your business long term.

You cannot just create stuff to sell and you cannot just promote products. You will make a little bit of money for a little while but you will fail in the long run and end.

You can blame it on the lack of traffic, you can blame it on the economy or you can blame it on anything you want, but in the end, you will still fail if you are not steadily building Viral Buzzinar Funnels that grow in your sleep.


I highly recommend that you watch the video to learn more about Buzzinar. You will be amazed how easy and cheap this step-by-step training membership is.

You really have gotta move fast or you might miss out on a great future and income stream!

As a Mack Daddy member myself, I really can judge the great value of the Buzzinar Viral Funnel System. Personally, I would not like to miss this valuable income tool one minute!

So get ready and take action to your future Sales Funnel Profits…

And if you need a perfect PLR Product you can market to your Sales funnel month after month, get it FREE from here…!




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